A16.1 b1

A16.1 b1 Release notes:
Note your save game should be ok upgrading from 16.0.

Changed: All storage crate signs look more worn out and match
Added some debug log for the stuck on creating player issue

NRE picking up unconnected switches.
DayNightLength of default=60 making server go to modded
Vulture ignores Day 1 protection
Water under navezgane mine

Known Issues

On-screen keyboard is only available if you start the game from Steam’s Big Picture Mode
Smell is not working with the new stealth we will revisit it in a17
Clipping issues with dire wolves
Too many Airdrop crates spawning and crates spawning underground
Throwing rocks does not distract zombies
Trader Issues: Missing Trader, missing POI, odd hours, etc.
GlobalUV support inhibits anisotropic filtering and it has to be calculated in the shader.
Wet concrete not drying
Sleeper spawning issues continue
Game freeze on create player, but more information on it is welcome
Out of Memory issue, please try reduce your texture quality to reduce RAM usage or try GLCore renderer as launcher option
Farming of crops other than yucca and hops affects performance
Zombies rotate on the ground before standing up
Vultures sometimes fall through the world when killed high in the air.
Precipitation and cold temp going through windows, glass blocks, doors, and hatches
Corpse dupe is possible again
Excessive use of trigger plates may cause servers to lag during hordes.
Recipes are not updating live
Bears may not attack properly on slopes
Running zombies may be airwalking after ladder usage

A16 is updated

if you give a shit here are the notes

Changelog from A16b128 to Stable

Added missing vulture wing flap sounds.

Crafting sod is cheaper.
“<player> has joined the game” chat message is shown when the player is really in the world
Default day length to 60 minutes, day light to 18 hours
+Added stamina mod to the Bad Mechanic perk.
+Switched back to OS cursor
+Increased stack size on iron darts.
+Cap overdamage on block harvest
+Better wording for the food healing message.

Long pulled canyon in RWG
Zombie remains blocks not getting snow cover or weather effects.
Panting SFX continues to play even if stamina is replenished
Wolf can’t attack crouched player, if wolf is slightly elevated
Sleepers spawn inside blocks that the player had placed
Make “gamestage” command available for steam version
Burnt block will suck player up into it.
Stoves appearing purple in dark areas
Missing player audio for sick & food poisoning
Decoy cops instantly start their explode countdown on spawn
Electrical Equipment placed inside or in cave can collect rain and or snow
Night vision goggles will show rain inside buildings sometimes
Friendly animals were spawning in the enemy animals group in the plains.
Missing fur on bear and improper wake up animation
Windshields are not getting covered with snow correctly
Zombie and normal bear do not use attack animation
Some objects have a purple hue in dark places
Hospital fountains
Arrow slits can allow players to see through walls
Grass sliding across the terrain
+Quality , The Survivor, The Camel, Quicker Crafting, The Fixer may not always have fired correctly.
+Wrong upgrade target on corrugatedMetalCNRRound.
+Switched XP values on snow zombies.
+Mismatching bright lines on textures in dark areas
+Left 2 engine slots of generator inaccessible using controller
+Wood half block ID 830 won’t upgrade
+Too high harvest amounts from grass.
+Missing loot list entry on zombie strippers.
+Claim stones are repaired with steel.
+Players can be set on fire underwater.
+Adjusted price of iron darts to match the new recipe.
+Forge: adding/moving fuel causing duping and disappearing of Items
+Woodburning workstation lighting issues in B129
+Workstations use info spamming state of messages as host
+Stamina use on tools does not scale correctly with harvest amounts.
+Journal tip for first aid, and/or first aid items should be clarified
+Buying levels of secret stash perk doesn’t change item tier