-UPDATE- 5-9-2017
***As of now, Ozz and I(but pretty much mostly Ozz)are currently working on fixing the pvp allowance issues that go into effect once you step foot inside the Monolith Maze Terror Event. As soon as the issue is resolved the Event will go LIVE***

Ok… So, a few days back I used my ‘Beta Testers’ to do a quick run through, sans lube, and issues presented themselves. Naturally, I was the bastion of grace and humility as things became obvious to both me and my ‘testers’ that this Event would not fire up as soon as I wanted it to. Days later, 3 broken monitors, and a hobo burnt to a crisp for no other reason than because I bought lighter fluid from the store across the street…

After conferring with Ozz, as well as a few other riff-raff *cough-War-cough* it’s been decided that the issues present will slightly hamper the original design. So, rather than shit-can the entire build we will use it as a PvP Maze Event!!!!!

That’s right kiddies..

It’s a Tower, that you can still get killed in, except you only have Blunderbusses as your weapon of choice. The killer – One of the Server’s own, or more likely Ozz because he cackles like a school girl when killing things with the chainsaw.

This event will be ‘Free’ to enter. You may keep whatever items you find inside, however, if you die, your bag stays where it is. After all, building this thing took a while. It requires the blood of the foolish.

Manage to make it to the end without dying? 5K in tokens as well as an item of decent – to – downright awesome quality.

Manage to end up with your insides flopping around as you bleed out? We’ll just step on you on our way towards the next level…

Stay tuned as I prepare THE MONOLITH for game time!!!


***Coming Soon – THE MONOLITH***

***Coming Soon – THE MONOLITH***
Countless nights have been spent, block counts in the thousands have been placed, hours of augering mis-placed blocks have created migraines…

…but it is nearing completion!

I, Tyger – Community Events Tzar, will be bringing to !ZombieStomp! another labor of love to you, the unwashed masses.


1). What’s the Monolith and why should I care???

A). Don’t be a douche. The Monolith is a server event that allows the saltiest, grittiest, crunchiest players on the server test their metal against everything* the ZomPoc has to offer(minor legalities bar me from using the Hornets)

It is the culmination of several other events that I have created over the year(s). This is, without a doubt, my most devious creation to date. Taking cues from our past Maze Events as well as our Survival Wave Fort, and the short lived Basement of Terror, The Monolith will be everything wrapped in one.

2). I’m feelin’ froggy, where do I go to take part in this ‘thing’?

A). Although the location is not secret, it is in an out of the way spot currently. It’s location will be spammed through the game’s waypoint marker system whenever I(Tyger) am online. Once the waypoint is loaded into your map, you’re golden.

3). Are there any requirements to join?

A). Why yes, yes there are. You know all them Tokens you’ve been trading back and forth with from said Traders? It’s going to cost you 500 Tokens to gain entry to THE MONOLITH.

Other than that, there is no level/gear requirements, however… Please understand, this is not for the Beginner, nor the ‘I got a base finally, hurr-durr’ players. This event is designed to punish those that have not honed their skills in decimating the endless horde.

4). What’s the point of even bothering?

A). You know that xp bar we all have now? You know how much better you perform ingame when you got points to spend on things like ‘NOT SUCKING’ and ‘NOT SUCKING EVEN MOAR’. Yea, well… Think of it like this – You join the event and waste hundred of Zeds, right? Right. Those Zeds are like rotting, bloated meat sacks of xp. If you are in a situation that offers a lot of said undead shambling xp rewards, then that means you get to level up wayyyYYYyyy faster than you would jerkin’ off in your little hovel out in the boonies.


5). What’s the catch?? Every time you make something for the Server there’s a catch…

A). My, what a good looking question you have.

First, make no mistake when deciding to step forward. This Event rewards the tenaciously brave and those with wits finely sharpened. To step inside means you’ve given up on your life. You will battle through cramped corridors and dizzying heights as you fight your way through numerous zones.

Your reward other than the metric ass-load of xp, will be in the form of any and all items you manage to find as well as the tokens earned as you complete each level.

6). What happens if I die, is there a port back? Do I get my stuff back?

A). NO and NO. This event is designed to be grueling. You manage to see the end and survive, the items, the loot, the xp are yours to revel in. You die, well… You die. You forfeit your items, but the xp is yours as well as any reward you’ve managed to bank along the way.

7). Wait… ‘bank’? Dafuq?

A). You gamble your winnings as you progress through the Monolith’s many levels. Or, you bet it all with each new level. It’s up to you but you only get one chance to bank your winnings for every 3 levels cleared. If you pass on level 3’s completion, then you are ineligible to bank again until the 6th level’s completion. Do you take the chance? Or will you work the token reward bonus modifier???

Personally I’d be more concerned with how many rounds are left in the mag. Do you have 1 round, or two..?
-Stay Tuned for Further Information-


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